Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Last week friday we went sailing I sort of like sailing you can judge why anyways here is my story I hope you like it if you have any suggestions please tell me in the comments.

Friday was the day we went to lake Rua to face. Firstly we came to school  in our togs or our wetsuits we had the shortest bus ride of all time from our school to lake Rua. Then we got off the bus and sat our equipment down on a tarpaulin so it doesn't get wet. After that  we got give instructions on how to rig a boat me and my partner went racing off to our boat that we chose to rig. My partner ran off to get all the parts while I fiercely protected the boat.

We had finally riged the boat and I successfully protected it. Now they were teaching us how to sail I was super nervous because I have never sailed before. Now it was lunchtime we were playing volleyball then a ball went haywire and someone had to dash down to stop it then after my team winning three more sets another ball went stray but luckily this time it had went towards someone near the lake bed.

Then for the first they moved the boats to the docks so we could all have a go for our first time sailing my heart was jumping out of my chest I was so nervous but then I turned around sailed back I thought it was a slice of cake or so I thought. Now we had to wait for everyone else to have a turn then we went for our second turn. It was my turn now  it was all smooth sailing I was talking to the ducks then I went to turn and as luck would have it a big gust of wind came and because I was already on a tilt I tipped over. But luckily they had given us life jackets so I was ok but I had to get back on my boat so one of the instructors come over on there motor boat remember the motor part the came towards me with the wrong end with the back end were the motor was see what's gonna happen anyways the told me to grab my boat so I did then it hit me literally the had cut my ankle and my leg I was absolutely overwhelmed he helped me up into his boat all I could think about was not falling off his boat now but I got to land and they were doing first aid on my ankle and my leg we stopped the bleeding reasonably fast but the cut on my ankles taped my bone but nothing major I could still walk. I got changed and Mrs stratton (my teacher) took me back to school from there they put plasters on my leg and my dad picked me up.

They day can DEFINITELY be summed up in one word shocking absolutely shocking I want to go sailing again but not anytime soon.

Friday, November 2, 2018


This week we where identifying parallel and perpendicular lines. Parallel lines are lines that run opposite each other and perpendicular lines are lines that go diagonally across each other here's my worksheet for that.

Thursday, November 1, 2018


This week we have been learning about a genre called recounting I thought it was ok. I found that actually being able to describe the event was really hard.I have found how to describe the setting more throughout this unit.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Free writing

This week we have been doing free writing for when the teachers don't see us for a session. I decided to do a picture book I haven't finished it yet but if you could give me feedback on the blog It would be fantastic.MIne is called The great cheese heist. Have you ever created a Picture book?

Thursday, October 25, 2018

How to do volume

This week I learned how to find the volume of a 3d shape. If you expand a 2d shape 2 cm then it becomes a 3d shape remember that number and if its base is 2 cms then its length across will also be 2 cms. If you remember the numbers from early in the blog then it will help if you didn't then the numbers are 2 cms 2cms and 2cms so know you have to times the numbers so 2x2 is 4 but we still have a 2 so x 4 by 2 which as 8 so now since we are measuring volume and us times three numbers not 2 like area it is 8 cms 3 3 stands for cubed.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Boy under water

Image result for boy underwater bookThis week we have started a new book called boy under water. It is a very good book it is about a boy who has never gone swimming before and he is 9 his dad died when he was 1 and his mum didn't want to take him swimming I predicted that his dad drowned. Heres a picture if the book.I think the book is very good and I rate it as 8/10 if you can read the book I think you should.