Wednesday, November 29, 2017

my magic box

I will put in my box
The tip of a whisker from a black and orange cat
An apple that has sailed the seas
A UFO that has jumped a planet   
I will put in my box
A pair of Yeezys  SPLY-350 that have lightning strikes on the bottom
A plane that can go 100 metres deep in the water
A sun that runs
I will put in my box
A line that can avoid everything
The first dog in the world
A book that always generates new words
I will put in my box
A 1000 year old Chinese wisdom speaker
A piece of chocolate that has jelly beans growing out of it
A  piece of paper that draws until I stop thinking
My box is fashioned by dragon scales from the darkest dragon
Its hinges are made from the stretchiest dinosaur egg
I will score the winning goal for Chelsea

Monday, November 27, 2017

A&P Show

Last week our class had to do a project the a&p show because we all went to the a&p show.

First thing that I did was study the history here's a picture:


The second thing I researched was the ride here's a photo of my ride:

The third thing I researched  was a llama here's a photo of it:

and finally we put it into a poster here's a picture of it.

Can I have feedback please.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The rainmaker

Yesterday we had to make a story for our school work from a section of this movie here is the movie:
then we planned by saying what we saw what we felt and what we wondered here are some of the words we came up with: I saw Shipwrecks Drained ocean boat junkyard submarine I fee; hot interested sandy Wondering How did the water dry up were are the other survivors will the water return.Then I read it for the success criteria here is the success criteria:1st a problem a solution vocabulary a setting beginning middle end and I would feedback on it and here is my final piece.

       The Rainmaker

Coming over the horizon  I find a dried up barren land by all the shipwrecks I think this was once an ocean I'm feeling really hopeless I'm trying to find a special part for the j44 oceanmaker.  this can only be found in clouds and only the locals know how to get to it.I see a cloud and a lighthouse that’s still working all hope comes back.

Within seconds of that I spotted an abandoned power generator I decided to go land at the power generators when I land  there was a great welcoming committee one person with a gun in his hand the only way the can destroy my ship is if he shoots out my engine which is a 1 in 12347898 chance to hit. so I look out the launch and I shoot him with a stun gun
I drag him inside into his mini shack next to the table and I decide to try and negotiate with him instead of waiting for him to wake up I splash him with water When he  woke up I said to him “I'm here to negotiate with you¨ and he said “fine what do you want to offer”.I  say to him “I want to know how to get up to the clouds to take the sky titanium out of it”.He said to me you're crazy  I said to him I have a device that needs sky titanium to work and it filled the ocean with water the hands me a piece.

I shoot him and take it and chuck the device into the cloud  I drag him into the water and I let the ocean maker do its thing.Tomorrow it's finished and I and my crew shoot down the lighthouse to never be reminded the end.

Friday, October 20, 2017

uru manuka logo

for the past week we were making  logo's for uru manuka  here are mine hope you enjoy and can i have feedback i made this with free

Thursday, September 28, 2017

our political party

        today we created our own partys this is me and saxon's heres his blog:saxon's blog

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

how to by safe on the internet

today we learnt about netiquette at cybersmart here are a few tips:
when your on the internet every one can see what your saying so treat someone the way you wanna be treated.When you're talking to someone communicate clearly.If your online speak casually so people understand you.Don't  speak in all caps its like yelling and you will come out rude. Always re read your posts so you're sure it's necessary. If you need to do a post ask permission about somebody else's photos and work.
and here's photo of what i have done on mindmup:

Thursday, September 7, 2017

movie character

this week we did a movie character day and i dressed up as jason bourne