Friday, May 18, 2018

A Method for Solving Maths Word Problems

Yesterday my maths group learnt to solve word  maths problems like: What is 2 fifths of 20?

To solve this problem I had to take off the 2 and make it a one fifths of 20.  I had to find how many fives in twenty which is 4. Then you multiply it by the numerator which is 2. So 4x2 is 8, so the answer is 8.

I have tried to explain it best as possible I hope you learn something.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Non chronological report unit

This week we have been learning about a non chronological report which is a report that's not in time order this has been hard because it is a different to what we normally do and because I don't like 3rd person.But I improved on using 3rd person and I think this unit is very helpful. Here's my blog post.

The neon jump

Introduction The neon jump is designed for maximum comfort for athletes or just walking there was
10 students from yms who were asked to trial it for 8 weeks it was designed by Eben.
There is only one type of fabric in the world that can do what our shoe is doing and that is our special fabric.
Style The neon jump looks like a black water design inspired by Eben
its special feature is there's a switch on the left that can make you jump in anyone direction
and higher than anyone else this feature is important because it als sees when your feet need to be healed and how to do so because we care about our customers.The black water design
is the contrasting of the colours you chose and the fading in of the different colours
the makes it look alot better than others
Materials On the outside it is made of a snakeskin leather which is a normal leather but looks like snakeskin
.On the inside has special comfort gel and has a special spray to make the customers jumps easier
 and make the shoe lighter this important because the comfort gel is more comfortable then ever before.
This comfort is new research conduct by the team and the shoe changes color depending on what colour
The customer wants it.The customer  could even add a picture onto The customers shoe it's basically a blank canvas.
Price This will cost you about 76$ Compared to other brands this is a bargain
because nike and adidas have much more expensive shoes that don't do nearly as  much as our shoe does.
The adult shoe will cost about 4 dollars more then the children's shoe because of the sizings between
the childrens and the adults .The adults do get a signature from the creator though for a extra 2$ the children get extra features like putting neon light on the side if they also for another extra 2$
and you'll get a spongebob pencil case for a extra 7$.

Conclusion This is the best shoe out on the market and the most comfortable the study backs this up
because 100% of the students that tested said it was the most cost effective and comfortable shoe
on the market .Don't be like the others and buy the best shoe for your child or yourself
The other brands they just can't compete. You have to try our shoe.

Friday, April 13, 2018

maths chunking

Last maths lesson we had to learn chunking and do the equations here are a few a few of mine Hope you enjoy

News report

For writing we had to create a news report about something that happened at school here's mine I hope you enjoy

There's a boy in the girls bathroom inquiry

We had to do a inquiry of this awesome book we read and he had choices about what we wanted to do and these are the stuff I chose to do I hope you enjoy

Thursday, March 29, 2018

tech challange

Today we had to do a tech challenge as a part of easter fun day we had to make a design to make sure it doesn't brake when thrown off the roof when could only have  1 plastic bag 5 cotton 5 straws 3 a4 1 cardboard heres a picture of mine

easter fun day

Today we is easter fun day so we do a range of things one of those things is making a easter hat this is mine I hope you like it;